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Survival, Sustainability...and Sweat!

Survival... On the fourth Saturday every August, over 1000 women come together to make a difference by participating in the annual Y-Me softball tournament. They play to raise funds for a cause which has touched so many; they play to honor a friend or a loved one; they play to support teammates recently diagnosed; and they play to have fun along the way.   This year was the 25th straight year, and on Saturday, August 24th, over 1000 supporters came together to help  r aise tens of thousands of dollars that is gifted directly to a University of Chicago breast cancer researcher, Dr. Kay Macleod.   Dr.  Mac L oed’s  U of C research lab  works on  how the  metabolism of cell organelles that break down nutrients is linked to the spread of breast cancer  with the aim of finding a way to block  cancer  from advancing.   Funds from last year’s Y-Me Softball tournament  paid for a centrifuge, a piece of equipment that’s essential to  MacLeod’s research. Joan Each-Rowan owner of

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